The JT4020 All Terrain HDD system can steer, drill and back ream in just about any type of soil—even solid rock—up to 1000 feet. The 190-hp (142 kW) JT4020 All Terrain is the product of exceptional Ditch Witch engineering, with patented features like a two-pipe rock-drilling system and an integrated electronic system with cruise control.


Patented mechanical rock-drilling system provides more power to the bit than any other rock drilling system in its class.

Instrument panel gauges are positioned for visibility, controls are conveniently placed, and a single lever controls drilling and back reaming adjustments.

Field-proven, heavy-duty rack and pinion thrust drive with welded-on double rack offers minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.




DIMENSIONS                                                               U.S.                                                        METRIC

Overall machine length*                                            337 in                                                                  8.56 m

Overall machine width*                                               87 in                                                                   2.21 m

Overall machine height*                                               96 in                                                                   2.44 m

Operating weight                                                            28,170 lb                                                          12 777 kg

Entry angle*: 10° – 16°

Angle of approach: 17°

Angle of departure: 17°

ALL TERRAIN PIPE                                                    U.S.                                                        METRIC

Length of drill pipe, nominal*                                   171 in                                                                  4.34 m

Diameter of drill pipe, tool joint end*                     4.13 in                                                                105 mm

Diameter of drill pipe*                                                  3.63 in                                                                 92mm

Bend radius, minimum                                                 300 ft                                                                   91 m

Weight of drill pipe (with inner pipe)*                  264 lb                                                                  120 kg

Weight of drill pipe & large box (18 pipe)             5580 lb                                                               2530 kg

Weight of drill pipe & small box (9 pipe)               3150 lb                                                              1430 kg


OPERATION                                                                   U.S.                                                         METRIC

Spindle speed, maximum* : 240 rpm

Spindle speed, maximum (at inner spindle)*: 250 rpm

Spindle torque, maximum                                           5000 ft·lb                                                           6800 N·m

Spindle torque, maximum (at inner spindle)       2000 ft·lb                                                            2700 N·m

Carriage thrust travel speed*                                   120 fpm                                                                37 m/min

Carriage pullback travel speed*                               120 fpm                                                                37 m/min

Thrust force*                                                                   25,000 lb                                                              111 kN

Pullback force*                                                               40,000 lb                                                              178 kN

Bore diameter                                                                6.25 in                                                                    159 mm

 Backream diameter: Soil dependent

Ground travel speed (forward)*                              2.5 mph                                                                  4 km/h

Ground travel speed (reverse)*                              2.5 mph                                                                  4 km/h


POWER                                                                             U.S.                                                                 METRIC

Engine: Cummins QSB6.7

Fuel: Diesel

Cooling medium: Liquid

Injection: Direct

Aspiration Turbocharged & charge air cooled

Number of cylinders: 6

Displacement                                                               409 cu in                                                                  6.7 L

Bore                                                                                 4.21 in                                                                       107 mm

Stroke                                                                            4.88 in                                                                       124 mm

Manufacturer’s gross power rating**              190 hp                                                                        142 kW

Rated speed: 2400 rpm

Emissions Compliance                                          EPA Tier 3                                                                  EU Stage IIIa

DRILLING FLUID SYSTEM                                     U.S.                                                                  METRIC

Drilling fluid pressure, maximum*                      1300 psi                                                                          90 bar

Drilling fluid flow, maximum*                              120 gpm                                                                        450 L/min

Drilling fluid flow, maximum (at pump)*        70 gpm                                                                         260 L/min

FLUID CAPACITIES                                               U.S.                                                                  METRIC

Fuel tank                                                                        55 gal                                                                               208 L

Hydraulic reservoir                                                     36 gal                                                                               136 L